Before the blog…

This whole blog idea is a new creature to me.  Despite my technologically-compatible age, I am about as techno-savvy as NCIS’s Gibbs.  My six-year-old nephew could probably give me some pointers…perhaps even the two-year-old.  So, if you are following my ramblings, I beg your indulgence.  It will (should?) get better.

My life of writing began when I was eight years old…those were the good old days, when writing meant grabbing the yellow legal pad from the floorboards of the truck you were riding in and releasing the words onto the paper with the aid of a red pen (why did we always seem to have yellow legal pads and red pens around? It’s really an awful combination).  I didn’t know where the words came from back then (I still don’t) and I didn’t care (I still don’t).  They were in my head and they needed to come out, and so they did, and this is how they came out:

The mighty oak sways in the breeze,

Hear the rustling of the leaves.

See the movement of the branch,

Shadowing the farmer’s ranch.

See the acorns on the ground,

By the squirrels, are scattered ‘round.

In the autumn, leaves will fall,

To the ground and cover all.

Getting my work out to the public meant taking my red-on-yellow chicken scratch to my mom, showing it to her, and insisting that I hadn’t copied it from anywhere: I had written it.  I hovered in the realms of poetry for that first year, maybe less.  Then I moved on to my true love: books.  I also moved on from the yellow legal pad and red pen.  For this truly fascinating world of words, I graduated to notebook paper (in a folder) and mechanical pencils.  This would remain the norm until I had completed my fourth novel, at the age of fifteen.  That was the first one I felt was good enough for word processing.  And word processors have remained the extent of my technological involvement in my writing…until now.  Welcome to the 21st century, S.D. Bullard…this is truly the edge of my reality!

                                                                                                                                                                                -S.D. Bullard


~ by sdbullard on March 26, 2012.

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