“You Know You’re a Writer When…”

I spent a couple of hours at Barnes and Noble today.  This is one of my favorite places to spend time.  There’s a coffee store, places to sit, generally good music and the atmosphere of books that makes any literary junkie’s head spin.  I was there primarily on business today, doing work as opposed to the pleasure of writing.  It is absolutely imperative, however, to browse at least a little.  So, after my computer battery died, I freed myself to the joy of stalking the shelves.  I say this is imperative because one never knows what treasure one may find.

One of the greatest books I own was purchased on one of these browsing forays.  I do not recall the exact details of that particular hunt, and I don’t think I quite realized how truly enthralling the book would be.  But no writer can pass up a book with a title like: “You Know You’re a Writer When…”

This tiny blue book by Adair Lara is 95 pages of “Wow, uh-huh…that’s totally me” brilliance.  I have picked it up and read all the way through it at least four times (it’s a very quick read).  And every time, I find another piece of me in there.  I have the ones that truly fit the best highlighted.  I just have to smile and shake my head when I read through it.  Things like: “You go to bed at night and it’s not your own problems that keep you awake, but those of your character” or simply “You liked the book better than the movie” (pretty much ALWAYS).   Every writer should own a copy of this book, because every writer will find himself or herself in the book.  Not every scenario will fit you right, but that’s because the book wasn’t written just for you.  It was also written for that kid two tables over, the introverted man at your church, the stay-at-home mom who finds a brief escape at the keyboard, the girl who just had an agent request her manuscript, and maybe even that famous novelist whose blockbuster book just hit the screens.  There’s a little bit of all of them in there…all of us.

The only problem with the book is that it’s so short.  I find myself wanting more.  I find myself making up more.  So, here’s my challenge to you: any of you who are writers, or any of you who know a writer (you know who you are because you’re shaking your heads, rolling your eyes, and just hoping you don’t have to hear one more sentence today that involves the words “character,” “plot”, “manuscript” or “agent”) give me the best you got.  I want to hear your very own completions to the phrase “You Know You’re a Writer When…”

 – S.D. Bullard


~ by sdbullard on April 4, 2012.

6 Responses to ““You Know You’re a Writer When…””

  1. Oh wow, I’m going to have to look this one up! I think I am going to be nodding and laughing the entire read. Great post! I love B&N.

  2. That little blue book is one of my absolute favorites! I found it much the same way you did . . . at a Barnes & Noble. 🙂

    I keep it on my desk and pick it up whenever I need a little chuckle. Just yesterday my table had three empty bowls, just like the book stipulates every writer does. Cereal is the perfect meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner when your in the middle of a writing blitz!

    • I’m more of a cracker fan, myself…the problem with cereal, is if you leave it alone to write a few sentences, it gets soggy and then you have to eat mush.

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