Happy Easter!

Promise: Fulfilled

A manger,
Worn and splintered.
Old and ragged, shoddy, battered,

Weather-beaten, sagging, tattered.
Packed with fodder, dust and hay,
No place for a new King to lay
His head, and yet,
With one small Child
This desolate,
Worn and splintered
Manger: filled.

A cross,
Fierce and hostile.
Tall and rough-hewn, goading, taunting,
Ominous, forbidding, haunting.
Golgotha’s own hateful display,
No place for a brave King to lay
Himself, and yet,
With one pure Man
This desolate
Fierce and hostile
Cross: filled.

A tomb.
Dark and bitter.
Dank and dingy, cold, unfeeling,
Shadowy, perturbed, concealing.
Constructed to hide death away,
No place for a dead King to lay
His body, yet
With one risen Lord
This desolate
Dark and bitter
Tomb: empty?

A sinner.
Lost and lonely.
Scared and helpless, trying, failing,
Miserable, unaided, wailing.
A heart of yet unmolded clay,
No place for a pure King to lay
His love, and yet,
With one Savior
This desolate
Lost and lonely
Sinner: filled.

A promise.
Old and unyielding.
True and timeless, perfect, living,
Unpolluted, ageless, giving.
Prophesied from times of old,
Where past and future meet and hold
Forever, and
With one Great God
This ever-planned
Old and unyielding
Promise: fulfilled.

– S.D. Bullard


~ by sdbullard on April 8, 2012.

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