Sad Realization

Upon coming home this evening, I flipped three light switches before growling and asking the dogs, “Why aren’t any of our lights working?”  They didn’t answer, by the way.  Being the genius that I am, it only took me a few seconds longer to determine it might be an electricity problem, as opposed to a general consensus among the lamps to all be unplugged at the same time.  It was.  Here is a rough rendition of the order of thoughts that followed this realization:

  • Text roommate, to see if this is common knowledge
  • What do I need to do tonight?
  • What CAN I do?
  • Eat: no, can’t rewarm leftovers in microwave.
  • Stove?  No, it uses electricity, too.
  • Lesson plans: not really. Modem and router are plugged in.  Can’t search Internet for necessary worksheets, etc.
  • This also means cannot update blog, e-mail, Facebook, etc.
  • Go to bed early?  Difficulty showering and preparing for bed as bathroom and all accoutrements are in basement.
  • Do we have a flashlight?  If so, I don’t know where.
  • What about an alarm clock?  Clock is plugged in.
  • Use phone?  Only battery will be dead before end of the night.
  • Charge it.  Oh, wait.
  • Charge it in the car?  Doesn’t charge without being on.  Drive around for a while?  No, that’s silly.
  • Charge it on laptop overnight?  Laptop will die before end of the night.  Phone might, too.  Can’t take that risk.
  • Am I going to have to stay up all night so I’m not late to work?
  • Ok, really, do we HAVE a flashlight?  Roommate wants me to check breakers, and it’s too dark in the basement to see breaker box.
  • Oh wait!  Never mind!  The electricity is back on!
  • Man…I rely WAY too much on electricity.


– S.D. Bullard


~ by sdbullard on April 22, 2012.

2 Responses to “Sad Realization”

  1. Its just as bad when the cable goes out or the internet doesn’t work. 😉

    • Seriously. But don’t you find it a little unnerving how much we count on these bits of technology? I mean, people used to live just fine without them.

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