Black Dress Shoes

Shoes on the sidewalk

Waiting for feet or stories:

Either one will do.

This would be so much better if it was coupled with the picture I didn’t get.  I could have kicked myself.  Some tourist I am, in NYC without my camera.  Worse than that, though: I did have my phone.  And I still didn’t get the picture.

I walked out of the hotel with a group of other writers, on a hurried lunch break.  Sitting there, on the sidewalk, surrounded by nothing and no one, was a pair of shiny, black dress shoes.  There seemed to be no purpose in them, no reason for them to be sitting there.  They didn’t seem to belong to anyone, and no one was paying them any attention.  I paused, pointed them out to the other writers in my group, and said, “There’s a story there.” And promptly failed to take a picture as we rushed off to our sandwich shop.  On the way back, when I thought to take the photo, the shoes were gone.  A missed opportunity, but still a good tale.

– S.D. Bullard


~ by sdbullard on May 29, 2012.

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