Not Undoing What Can’t Be Undone

“Well, it’s done now.”


“No. No buts. That’s it. It’s done.”

“I didn’t mean it, though. “

“Doesn’t matter. What’s done is done and it can’t be undone.”

“I’m sorry…doesn’t that count for anything?”

“Sorrow is a lovely sentiment…but it changes nothing.”

“You know I never meant for it to happen. That can’t be the end of it.”

“Wishing that it didn’t happen cannot change it. It cannot undo it. What has been done cannot be undone. It’s a principle of life…it applies to all of us. We can’t change it. You must accept it and move on.”

“I don’t want to accept it. I want to take it back.”

“I tell you the thing can’t be done. You can no more take back a thing you have done than to take back words you have said.”

“If I were to go back in time…”

“A time machine would not be a viable solution. To go back in time to not do what has been done, would be to erase the need to go back and undo it in the first place. If you erase the need to go back, you cannot go back, and if you cannot go back it cannot be undone.”


“It cannot be done. Accept that what has been done is done. It can not be undone, taken back, or changed.”

“Can it be fixed?”


“If I cannot undo it, yet I am sorry it has been done, can it be fixed?”

“You are not capable of fixing it. It is too big for you.”

“But that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.”


“So if it can be fixed, that’s what I should do.”

“You cannot fix it.”

“No. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. I’ll take it to someone who can fix it.”

“Someone who can?”

“Yes. There must be one who is better than I. One who can fix what I have done. If I ask.”

“It will not be perfect.”

“I understand. It won’t be like it was before. As you said; it cannot be undone. But maybe, in a new way, it can be better. Maybe it can be something I never imagined before. If I take it to the right place. If I humble myself to ask. If I admit my mistake and my inability to undo it or remedy it myself. Maybe, I should be glad that what’s done is done. If it had not been done, it could not be fixed. And maybe it always needed to be fixed in the first place.”

“Be careful. Once you have it fixed, that cannot be undone.”

“Once it is fixed, it won’t need to be undone.”

– S.D. Bullard


~ by sdbullard on July 6, 2012.

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