Just Standing in the Hall

I am working on my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.  As a part of that, I am required to do 600 hours of practicum work.  I finally secured a site (after being put off by two quarters) and have almost completed my second week.  For the first two weeks, I had a rather unique experience.  It has involved an intensive group therapy “camp” with 11 boys who we took into the woods and had construct a fort.  It was two weeks of digging, cutting, hauling and, of course, intense social skills work.

The other day, we had come back up for lunch and I was standing in the hallway, waiting for the bathroom.  I was just kind of leaning there, staring.  One of the ladies who works at my site kind of laughed at me and said, “Having fun?”  Thinking she was referring to our work on the fort, I said, “Oh yeah, I’m having a blast,” being completely serious.  She laughed again and said, “How much fun can it be standing in the hall waiting for the bathroom?”  I just smiled.  Little did she know.

See, as with any time I am not purposefully thinking about something else, my mind had delved into the land of my book.  As I was standing in the hall, waiting for the bathroom, my mind was in Alyraekas, following around the main characters of my current manuscript, Rune and Trill.  I was listening to their conversations, helping them plan their next moves, figuring the order events needed to happen to piece things together just right.  To put it simply, I was having a blast!  For real!  It is amazing how much fun I can have, doing absolutely nothing, because there is always “the story”.  It’s not always the same story.  Sometimes, it’s a story that goes no further than the first line.  Sometimes, it’s just a scene.   Sometimes a character description.  But, there is always a story waiting for my attention, lurking just beneath the surface of my mind.

The background on my computer says “My life is so much more interesting inside my head.”  It might not always be MORE interesting, but there is always something interesting to find in there.

– S.D. Bullard


~ by sdbullard on July 19, 2012.

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