Intro to a Crazy Idea

Well, my friends.  I have been terribly inactive on my blog for well over a week.  I apologize.  The demands of life have been holding me to a pretty tight schedule.  My goal is to get back to posting at least twice a week, if not more.

I wanted to give an announcement: for several personal growth reasons, as well as to try increasing my following on here and for the future (not ashamed to admit that) I intend to start a blog book.  My intent is to post a new chapter to the book every week.  I have considered this several times, and recently a good friend of mine sent me a link suggesting this very thing.  I have gone back and forth, and decided I really did not want to put any of my already written books out there on my blog.  I am still holding out hopes of having them published traditionally, someday, and while blogging them would not necessarily make that impossible, it might make it more difficult.

Thus, I had the BRILLIANT (code for TOTALLY INSANE) idea to start a book completely from scratch whose sole purpose was to be delivered chapter by chapter, week by week through the venue of Edge of Reality.

I HOPE to have the first chapter up this week.  This is a relatively new idea (code for “just been thinking through a plotline this week”) and I am still hammering out some key issues: you know, minor things like character names.   I finally nailed down the last name of two of my MCs just today.  Ry accepted his first and last name pretty easily, but Thomas and Evey were reluctant to assume any of my suggestions as to surnames.  I think we have finally come to an agreement.

I am going into this with only a vague idea as to the plotline of the story.  For one thing, this is frequently how I write.  For another, I want to leave it open to the possibility of responding to readers’ thoughts, ideas, comments and, perhaps, even suggestions.

I feel I should give at least a little background, for any of those readers who might be interested.  The title of the book is AWOL, so look for that category.  It’s a Young Adult book, with the MCs between 15 and 18.  It’s probably best described as being a dystopian war story.  (I hesitate to even put YA and dystopian together: please do NOT think I am trying for a Hunger Games angle.)

I have high hopes for this venture in writing.  However, it is a new idea for me and an experiment.  Hopefully, we will enjoy the experiment together.  If you like what you read, or think you might know someone else who would, PLEASE share with them!

– S.D. Bullard


~ by sdbullard on July 29, 2012.

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