Food Network Musings

I am sitting here working on lesson plans and homework with the TV going in the background, as typical for a …well, really for ANY night.  While I tend to lean towards sitcoms for my preferred abstract noise while I am working, my roommate had the TV on when I arrived home tonight.  I left it go and was rewarded with the Food Network; this is also a typical occurrence.  I typed away to the sound of Cupcake Wars and Chopped.  This particular Chopped was an All-star round, bringing in already well-known chefs with their own shows.  In their case, they were playing for charities; all of their winnings would be dedicated to a charitable organization of their choice.

I started wondering: if I were in their shoes, what charitable organization would I choose?  There are so many wonderful organizations out there; many of which are near and dear to my heart.  A few of the organizations I have supported or, in some way been a part of, include the following:

Women At Risk International –

Pilot Dogs, Inc. –

4-PAWS for Ability –

St. Jude’s –

World Vision –

Compassion International –


If I had to choose only one of these, which would I choose?  Or would it be another on the list?  I think our decisions on this show where our passions lie.  So, how about you?  If you had $50,000 to donate to a charitable organization, which one would you choose?  And why?


–  S.D. Bullard


~ by sdbullard on April 14, 2013.

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