Writing 4-Letter-Word Posts

Here’s the problem I have with writing short stories: they’re short.  Yeah, I know.  Deep, right?  The thing is, I’m not geared to write short things.  In college, we’d get an assignment to write a 5 page paper and I’d be like, “ONLY 5 pages?  How am I supposed to fit everything in?”  I am just naturally long-winded.  And when it comes to stories, I’m completely useless.  “Short” is a 4-letter word (not really, because it’s five letters, but you get it).

But, it’s something I’ve decided I have to do.  If I’m serious about becoming published (and I am) I have to start small.  It would be wonderful to just write a book and “get it published”.  That’s the first question people ask when they found out you’ve written a book: “Are you going to get it published?”  Yeah, that’s the goal: for me and the other thousands of individuals who have written books.  Unfortunately, the publishing world has a very large door and I have a very small foot to try to wedge into it.  So, I need to start by trying to get some short stories out there.

The only problem: first I have to write them.  So, I had this idea.  It was actually a story based loosely on a real-life experience.  I tweaked it (a lot) and started typing out a first-draft.  In under a page, I encountered the problem I always have with short stories: I got too attached to the characters.  All it took was for the three major characters to have names and the MC telling the story to develop a bit of voice and personality.  Suddenly I like them too much to relegate them to only 5,000 words of page-time.  They’re worth more than that; they deserve their own book.  How can I do them justice in just a few pages?

This is why I try to avoid such endeavors.  It only ends up in tears: mostly on my part.  But, it is my best step in the right direction.  So, my apologies to Carly, Nelson and Ava (and, of course, Pete) from my latest 4-Letter-Word story.  I hope our time together, short as it is, will at least be satisfactory for all.


~ S.D. Bullard


~ by sdbullard on September 2, 2013.

4 Responses to “Writing 4-Letter-Word Posts”

  1. I loved the way you did justice, how short story writing is really difficult. You almost get attached so much as I am:) True that I could nt stop within a few space. That was a good start.

    You can read my fictional blog if you re interested,

  2. I always have problems with keeping short stories short, too. I was notorious for writing far beyond the word requirements for creative writing assignments in school. : ) But, like you, I’ve found that short stories are probably the best key to getting a novel published, so here’s to stepping-stone short stories! Best of luck on yours!

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