It started on Oct. 13, 2009. Wow. I didn’t realize it had been so long. As a writer, at times it almost feels disloyal to admit how involved I get with my television shows: after all, they aren’t books. You don’t read them, don’t write them.   Someone writes them, but I don’t know.   It just seems like writers are just supposed to be devoted solely to the written word, and TV shows don’t qualify. But I love my TV shows and allow myself to get intimately attached to the characters in much the same way as I do characters from books I read. It’s different than with movies; with TV shows, you have years to learn the characters, get attached, understand them.

Okay. Enough with my justification. Some of my favorite TV shows are NCIS and NCIS: LA. I have been a faithful watcher of NCIS since probably season 4 (after getting caught up) and have watched LA since the beginning. On October 13, episode 7.4 of NCIS, Good Cop, Bad Cop (just for all those wondering: I am not quite THAT bad: I had to look up date, number and title of this particular episode) there was a line that caught my attention and enough, made me laugh enough that I remembered it and decided to chronicle it at the end of the show.   The line was between two main characters, Gibbs and Vance and went as follows:

Gibbs – “Are you superstitious?”

Vance – “I’m a little ‘stitious.”

And so I chronicled it on the only place worth chronicling anything in this day and age: Facebook. I updated my status to say, “Official NCIS Quote of the Week goes to, of all people, Vance,” and then put the line (worth noting: Vance is not my favorite character). The amusing part was, up until this point, there was no “Official NCIS Quote of the Week”. And to be fair, there wasn’t a faithful one after. Not right after anyway. But after that first quote, I started realizing that there were those special, quotable, memorable jewels worth noting in just about every episode. Every once in a while, I would pull one out and stick it up there as a Quote of the Week. When I actually started putting one up every week, I don’t remember. I wish I did. It’s been several years now.

And it’s become a THING. It has grown to include both shows now, and though I still call it the “Quote” of the week, I am usually happy if I can pare it down to four quotes. Actually, to be fair, I have shortened it down to NCIS QOTW now. I sit with a blank Word document opened beside me as I watch on Tuesday nights and I keep track of all the possibilities as the shows occur. Once they are both over, I go through the arduous task of cutting out the ones that aren’t as good, picking my favorites, deciding which ones are the best even for those who don’t watch the show and know the characters, and then post them to Facebook. Because if I don’t, people would notice. I have had friends who don’t even watch the shows tell me they look forward to reading my QOTWs every week. It’s become a game for those other faithful viewers who read my updates: they guess now as they watch the shows, try to pick out what I am going to put on there. Even those who don’t have Facebook pages are asking their spouses who do what my quotes were and comparing them to their guesses. So, what started out as a fun game for me, has turned into an interactive opportunity for others as well.

So, for those of you who are fellow NCIS fans, I will start posting my QOTWs on here on Tuesday nights as well. If you have any you think were better, tell me what they were. Or see if you can guess mine. Here are the ones from last week (2 from the original, 2 from LA):


1. Ellie Bishop – “I think beards are sexy. Can an NCIS agent grow one?” Tony DiNozzo – “Not you.”
2. Tim McGee – “She told me I have pseudofolliculitis.”

Tony DiNozzo – “Isn’t that a Mary Poppin’s song?”



1. (Talking about Hetty’s oddly named tea)

Hetty Lange – “Took me years to grasp the proper diction.”

Owen Granger – “All the more reason to drink coffee.” *(This line was picked solely for its homage to coffee, especially noteworthy because I despise the character of Granger and so dislike giving him a QOTW, which I consider an honor)


2. Kensi Blye (talking to Marty Deeks) – “Your brain really doesn’t work like everybody else’s, does it?”


Hope you play along! Have fun!


~ S.D. Bullard


~ by sdbullard on May 4, 2014.

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