NCIS QOTW – Season Finales

Last week, as I was preparing my post for the NCIS QOTW, I realized I had started adding this to my blog at exactly the wrong time. After all, this is the time of year that all TV serialists simultaneously love and dread: the age of season finales. So, while I just found a new weekly topic for my blog, I have to wrap it up until fall, because last night were the finales of NCIS and NCIS: LA.

I must admit, (and remember, I am insanely “into” my shows) I approached the eight o’clock hour as though it was the eleventh last night. I was a bit nervous as I prepared to watch the shows that would have to hold me over until September. The NCISes are notorious for having horrible cliffhanger endings: last season’s LA ending had me throwing items at the TV and pacing the floors most of the summer.

So, when NCIS ended last night, calmly, and coolly with no danger hanging over anyone’s head, I had to double-check online that it truly was the season finale. There was relief, but there was also confusion, and maybe even (yes, I am macabre enough to admit it) a little disappointment. Because, although I will be excited when the new season begins, there won’t be that moment of quenching relief, of long-term resolution, finality, closure to a situation that has been hanging like a sword of Damocles for three months. When LA ended, an hour later, with at least two unsolved and somewhat nerve-wracking predicaments, there was a sense of relief, that the TV universe was back on track, where it should be. And since it wasn’t nearly as bad as last year (read: my favorite character was not being tortured nearly to death) I was able to handle it gracefully.

And now, without any further ado, the final NCIS QOTWs from NCIS Season 11/NCIS: LA Season 5. I hope you have enjoyed these few installments. Look for these posts to resume in September!



1.  Tony DiNozzo – “Two minutes is two years in Abby-time: you know that.”

2.  Jackson Gibbs (Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ Father) – “The world is bad enough as it is: you’ve got no right to make it any worse.”



1. Sam Hannah – “Where’s your sense of adventure?”

G Callan – “I left it in my ‘sense of preservation’ pants.”

Sam Hannah – “Those still fit you?”

G Callan – “Sure do.”


2. Sam Hannah – “He’s gonna run. Know how I can tell?”

G Callan – “Because it’s 80 degrees out and we both have jeans on?”


Happy rerunning!

~ S.D. Bullard


~ by sdbullard on May 14, 2014.

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