You Know You’re a Writer When…

…you sit down at the computer to write and you wind up doing everyting but. (Please tell me I’m not the only one).


~ S.D. Bullard


~ by sdbullard on August 4, 2014.

5 Responses to “You Know You’re a Writer When…”

  1. You are so not the only one. The best is when I look for “writing inspiration” on Pinterest… -_-

  2. Haha! No, you are definitely not the only one. I swear Pinterest was invented to help writers procrastinate! 🙂

    • Another Pinterster…I have never done the Pinterest thing, but I find plenty of other ways to procrastinate. I used to go to Barnes and Noble to write because they didn’t have free WiFi so I couldn’t play around on the Internet…but alas, that changed and I can get just as distracted there, now, as at home 🙂

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