Measuring Tapes and Notebooks

I carry a measuring tape in my car.   It’s in the glove box. Because you just never know when you might need to measure something. This is a trait, a “to-live-by” rule I learned from my mother. My mom said it’s kind of like a modified version of Gibbs’ Rule #9, “Never go anywhere without a knife.” (If you’re an NCIS fan, you’ll get the reference. If you’re not, you should be.) I have a similar rule regarding books.

I went looking for my measuring tape last night and found I also have a notebook and pen in the glove box. While carrying the measuring tape is my mom’s influence, the notebook and pen is all me. A lesson I learned LONG ago: a writer must always have access to writing materials.

Knowing how I tend to have random notes, thoughts, pieces of stories, etc. lying around, I happily pulled the notebook out, excited to see what I had written in there. Imagine my utter disappointment, then, when I flipped through the pages and found all but one completely blank. The first page had writing: an address and phone number. That was it. What kind of self-respecting writer am I that I have an almost completely blank notebook lying around?

Normally I find empty pages inspiring, exhilarating, full of potential and promise. These just seemed like a mockery.

Fortunately, I had been kicking around an idea for a kids’ poem/picture book in my mind most of the day, a random thought that burst into my brain as I mowed my yard (you never know where inspiration will strike). It needed jotted down before I forgot it, so I flipped to the first blank page and made it not so blank.

Even if I haven’t used it much, it’s good to know I have that resource available if and when I need it. With a writer’s imagination and a blank piece of paper, I can never be bored.


~ S.D. Bullard


~ by sdbullard on August 7, 2014.

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