Not Again…

I blame John C. Brewer. It’s not actually his fault, but it’s nice to blame someone. The real problem as in thinking: “I’ll go to a writers’ group: that will give me motivation!” You know what I wasn’t looking for: inspiration. I didn’t need any more of it! And guess what I came away with. Curse it. He was a rocket scientist who writes techno-thrillers! How on earth did I come away with an idea for a middle grade contemporary fantasy – wait for it – series?!

It was the blasted name thing again. He mentioned, in passing, a couple of names – well-known names, by the way – and all of a sudden I’ve got a couple characters tapping on my consciousness. I hate to be tapped, so I had to give them some attention. That was my next mistake. Because as soon as I pay any attention to them, they’d already won.

They didn’t care at all about my time constraints. My plaintive cries about all my ongoing projects meant nothing to them. My explanations about one book in the stages of a massive rewrite, one being shopped out to agents, my current WIP, plus at least half a dozen ideas that are in line before them, were ignored.

So, despite my better judgment, I let them plead their case. At first any formulation of a plot idea was weak at best and vapor-thin primarily. It wasn’t even a plot, really, a couple of muddied ideas stirred together in a swirl of “maybe something in the neighborhood of this” possibilities. Still, I wanted to give them a fair shake because they were ridiculously intriguing characters, even in their half-baked, infantile development. So, I let the thoughts percolate in the back of my mind for the past day and a half, trying not to focus too solidly, because that never seems to work for me. The more I try to plot a plot, the more my characters plot against me and refuse to talk and we sit twiddling our mental thumbs (what: that’s a thing) with nothing to show. So, I just let it marinate. And lo and behold, when walking through the Home Depot this afternoon, the skeleton of the first plot line fell into place, with an idea for a follow on close on its heels. I have some research to do, and obviously some serious ironing out, fleshing out, trying out and probably a whole lot of other “outs”, but they’ve bumped themselves up the list.

I make a lot of noise groaning about “yet another project”, but the truth is, I’m pretty excited about this one. Because it’s something I can write for my nieces and nephews, right in the wheelhouse of the kinds of books they’re into right now. And that, above anything else, makes this a prime project.

I might not ever be published; that’s just a cold, hard truth all writers have to face at some time, whether or not it turns out to be fact. Even the most famous authors had to face it at one time, because all writers start out unpublished. It simply must be embraced. But – and I’ve said this before – that won’t stop me from writing. Ever. And I’ve still got faithful readers in my family and friends (maybe not fans, but faithful and gracious readers). So, if I can writes something my nieces and nephews will love, whether it hits the shelves or not, it will be a bestseller in my mind.

So, thank you John C. Brewer, rocket man! You’re inspiration was motivating! Your motivation was inspiring? Eh, I’ve heard it both ways 😉

P.S. Points if you get that last reference.

~ S.D. Bullard


~ by sdbullard on May 4, 2015.

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