8 Days a Week…If Only

So, the other day I decided I needed to order in my chaos.  Not in my normal life, no, that’s asking far too much.  No, I needed some order, and some direction in my writing life.  I have so many projects that when I actually have a chance to write, I never know what I should work on and it’s a mini panic moment before I can get anything done!  And let’s be honest: half the time, I never end up getting anything done.

And so, I decided to take charge.  I knew what I would do.  It was a simple solution!  I would simply assign a project to each ay of the week. That way, all I would need to do was say “what day is it?” and I would know what project to tackle.  Easy.  I sat down, typed out the name of each day of the week and started randomly assigning.  Only to realize there are seven days in the week (yes, I actually knew that before), and I have eight current projects.  I hadn’t ever actually counted them out.  Laying it bare like that, I saw that I have two blogs, one revision, three books in progress, one short story for a contest, and a query letter for a book ready to go out to agents.  That’s eight.  Too many for the days of the week.  The problem is, I can’t make myself cut any of them out!  Although, the short story has a deadline and if I can ever get the query letter polished then, well, then it gets even more complicated with that book I suppose.

So far I’ve already broken my own schedule.  In fact, tonight is the first night I’ve followed it: Sundays were for my two blogs.  Success!

How about you?  How do you handle multiple projects at a time?  Or are you smart enough to only have one project going at any given time?  Feel free to weigh in!

~ S.D. Bullard


~ by sdbullard on February 22, 2016.

One Response to “8 Days a Week…If Only”

  1. One project at a time? Who does that? : ) I don’t have a good method, even after all these years. Whatever’s currently working is what I work on. (Blog aside, of course. That’s always a work in progress.) Actively working on more than one novel at once is definitely more than I’ve ever been able to manage. Normally I write a draft of one, and while it’s brewing, I start on the other.

    Best of luck on your rotations! Sounds like a great idea!

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